Noise-free area

To enhance the possibility for you to relax and enjoy nature here, the council of Nybro municipality have ordered parts of Svartbäcksmåla to be noise-free areas. However, in parts closer to Nybro town there may be some occasional town noise, which we hope you understand. There might even be temporary noise such as road-work, forestry or from out-door activities such as the downhill ski lifts or the snowmaking machines during winter seasons.

Authorities who conduct supervision over or assess potential activities based on the Environmental Code, must consider the municipality’s decision of a noise-free area. This means that no boisterous activities can be conducted or established in or around a noise-free area, for example electrical windmills. The best opportunities to “experience silence” can be found by the stream at St. Sigfrid (S:t Sigfridsån) and in the pine forests on the south side of the stream.


bullerfritt omrade svartbacksmala