Activities and excursions nearby

Close by Svartbäcksmåla there are also good opportunities to do other activities and experiences and here are some tips of things to do:

Play golf at Nybro Golf club (9 km)

The golf course is in the middle of Glasriket (the Kingdom of Crystal), and is one of the most beautiful forest courses with park characteristics in the southeast of Sweden. The course with its varying course settings is a stimulating challenge, for both professional and amateur players. Nybro golf course is 9 km away by car from Svartbäcksmåla and by bicycle it is only 5 km. The club has a nice club house with an office, changing rooms and a restaurant. Next to the first class driving range there is also a well-stocked golf shop.

Visit the nicest park in Sweden (3 km)

In September 2015 Badhusparken (The swimming pool park) in the centre of Nybro, was awarded the prize as the nicest established park in Sweden. In the motivation this park had stood out by its “snakelike” flowerbeds with annual flowers and plenty of places for seclusion.


Badhusparken (The swimming pool park) in the centre of Nybro

Klockarängen (The bell’s meadow) and Madesjö kyrkstallar (Madesjö church stables) (7 km)

Klockarängen is the landscape of the stag beetle and it’s surrounded by Madesjö church stables, a peaceful oasis near Nybro centre. The large oak trees give the place a devout felling. A so called “fauna depot” was created in the area to favour the stag beetle, our largest beetle which is a threatened species. Here you can get information about the stag beetle and there is an exciting maze to explore. During the 1870s all the church stables were gathered in rows on the roads by Madesjö church. Some of the sections of stables were torn down in the beginning of the 1900s. Two sections are still remaining, one of them is 90 meters long. In it is the longest folk museum in Sweden.

Klockarängens faunadepå.

Klockarängens fauna depot

Meet moose and fish for rainbow trout. (10 km)

Only 10 km from Svartbäcksmåla you can also find Glasriket’s Moose Park in Nybro. Here, with a guided safari tour, you will get really close to the largest land living animal in Europe. In the shop there are loads of nice moose souvenirs. Here is also a pond with implanted rainbow trout, where you can try your luck at fishing. Please visit our website for more information.


Glasriket’s Moose Park in Nybro

Pukeberg’s glassworks (2 km)

”Three troughs of burnt clay and one trough of raw clay. This is stomped 10 times and thereafter you can make stone thereof.” The year is 1871 and the first glasswork’s in the parish is founded. Sand, ash, chalk, salt and mite is melting together in the 1500 degrees hot oven. In the 1930s Pukeberg is the largest glassworks in the province Småland with 340 employees. Today it houses a design college, art exhibitions, sales and events. Here is the archive for Swedish designs. Several of the old glassworks buildings still remain and the beautiful cultural environment is worth a visit.



Nybro glassworks (6,5 km)

Nybro glassworks started for business in 1935 and here they have made everything from everyday goods, such as plates, drinking tumblers and bowls, to sports prices for 2 Olympic Games, Lake Placid in 1980 and Sarajevo in 1984. Nybro glassworks focus mainly on the painted glass.

Shopping in Nybro town (4 km)

In Nybro town centre you can stroll between personal and unique shops in our idyllic small town. Here you can buy everything from food, clothes, fabric and furnishings to home electronics and toys.

Three days a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the centre gets extra lively because of the traditional market trading in the town square. They sell locally produced fruit and vegetables, flowers, bread, clothes and much more. Some days the market also includes second-hand stalls where you can find some real bargains.

All around Nybro municipality you can also go bargain-hunting in second-hand shops, antique dealers and glass- and design outlets.

Qvarnaslät (3,6 km)

Only 5 minutes from Svartbäcksmåla you can enjoy a historical environment, a café and a museum at Qvarnaslät folk museum. It consists of 12 buildings with an industrial museum, a costume and textile museum, a bird exhibition and room showing the living environments from the time at and after the last turn of the century.

Places to swim (3km)

Good places to swim are at arranged swimming areas and beaches at the local lakes Linnéasjön (3km) and Rismåla göl (8 km).

Rismåla Nature Reserve (8 km)

On the other side of Nybro town there is another nature reserve that you can visit, Rismåla Nature Reserve. Here you will find lovely trails in a mixed tree forest, some old rocks areas and through a swamp like carr area with many different species. This forest is maintained for the purpose of encouraging growth of red-listed (risk for extinction) plants and animals. Here we also have a popular swimming area with a sand beach.

Rismåla naturreservat – PDF (2 MB)

Game fishing at Rismåla göl (8 km)

For those of you interested in fishing it is possible to fish, among others, rainbow trout and carp in Rismåla göl. There are several jetties to fish from, whereof one is suitable for handicapped visitors. To be allowed to fish here you must have a fishing license, which can be bought at the petrol station Cirkle K, (by the nearby roundabout) contact number 0481-144 00 or at the shop at Nybro Glassworks, number 0481-428 81.