In Svartbäcksmåla there are many paths and trails in varying lengths and character. The trails mainly run through the Reserve, which has a unique natural environment formed by the inland ice that released its grip circa 18 000 years ago. The forests in and around Svartbäcksmåla are dominated by spruce but there are also plenty of pine, maple and aspen. In the Nature Reserve there are also broadleaved forest and there you can find blue anemone, sump violets and the pink common toothwort.

Dackeleden (Dacke trail)

84 km – Dackeleden got its name from the well-known Nils Dacke who led an uprising against King Gustav Vasa during the 1540s. Farmers from the southern province Småland protested against the King’s politics and how he led the country. The trail passes by Svartbäcksmåla and runs from Aboda Klint to Mosjön. Dackeleden is hilly in the north and easy to walk in the south. To the west the trail connects with Glasbruksleden (The Glassworks trail) and together the two trails leads you through the Kingdom of Crystal in Nybro municipality. The trail passes by interesting areas of both modern and historic characteristics.

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