In Svartbäcksmåla there are many paths and trails in varying lengths and character. The trails mainly run through the Reserve, which has a unique natural environment formed by the inland ice that released its grip circa 18 000 years ago.

Here you can run on clearly marked hiking trails or maybe you feel like exploring some of the unmarked paths in the forest and create your own running loop. In Svartbäcksmåla there is something for everyone.

Exercise tracks

2,5 km (lit), 5 km, 5 km (hilly) & 10 km

Trail running tracks

5 km – Here you can run straight out in to the terrain, over logs and rocks. The track is marked with pink signs with the text “Trail”, arrows in the same colour and pink markings on some trees. The track is marked in both directions.

The nature trail

2,2 km – The nature trail runs through varying nature and along the path are 10 signs with information about the special nature- or cultural objects in the area.

The Grönmo track

7 km – Grönmoleden runs from Svartbäcksmåla through the area called Pukeberg and continues over Thebacken (The tea hill) and up round the lake, Linneasjön, and the forest called Joelskogen. It the turns back again towards Svartbäcksmåla. On route it also passes a folk museum called Qvarnaslät.