What we find as relaxing is obviously different from us as individuals. For some it might be running on a trail in the forest, for others it might be just to sit quietly in the forest, take a break by a fire, walk the dog or fish in a stream. Just to be in nature helps most of us to wind down and feel better.

Svartbäcksmåla is designed so that those of you who wants a quiet time in nature, will be able to find spots that are not disturbed by other activities. The most peaceful areas can be found down by St Sigfridsån and in the coniferous forest on the south side of the stream.

To care long term for these undisturbed places, the town council has decided to make parts of Svartbäcksmåla noise free areas. Closer to the town it can of course never be absolutely quiet so there we must accept that there will be some noise.