The Kingdom of Crystal

Since 1742 glass pieces blown by mouth has been created in the Kingdom of Crystal. Together with the glassblowers the designers are constantly challenging the possibilities of glass and many glassblowing techniques have emerged from experimenting in the glassworks in the province of Småland. Today as a visitor you can see both everyday glass ware and world class artistic glass pieces and you are welcome to step right up to the glass furnaces to see when it’s created!

To this small area in Kronoberg and Kalmar counties, in the province of Småland, which consists of the municipalities of Nybro, Emmaboda, Lessebo and Uppvidige, more than 1 million visitors come each year. Many return time after time and it is easy to understand why. To watch the smouldering mass of glass turn into fragile crystal or robust bowls is a craftsmanship you never grow tired of observing. But even outside the heat of the glassworks there are many things to explore. Here you can find both cultural history, wonderful nature experiences together with a wide range of shopping and other activities.

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